Dubai's tourism growth at an all-time high

Tourism in Dubai is experiencing unprecedented growth since the record 16.73 million visitors in 2019. The country has a variety of tourist sites that are attracting tourists like flies. Find out the major reasons for this growth.

The world's tallest tower and 7-star building

Anyone would want to visit these two world towers. Between the tower that defies the height of the Eiffel Tower and the one that is twice its height, one wonders what buildings of such magnitude look like. First of all, the Burj Al Arab in the Emirates is built on an artificial island. But that's not all. ADt 321 metres high, the building has a dazzling water feature inside and an aerial restaurant suspended by a gallows in the air. In this restaurant, you can feel the luxury and happiness of dining in the clouds; a place to make a wedding declaration. The Burj Al Khalifa is best known for its height. Who wouldn't want to visit a building that is 828m high!

Sex Tourism

Tourism in Dubai owes a major part of its growth to sex tourism. Indeed, the best prostitutes can be found there for the benefit of businessmen and even some leaders. These sex stars number in the millions and above all they know how to make themselves desired. It is really difficult for anyone to refuse an invitation from a Dubai sex legend. Just as tours and tourist sites attract tourists, these prostitutes attract their clients. This in the long run increases visitors to the area.
Moreover, access to the area today is legendarily easy. The city has installed a visa policy since 2019 that makes it easy for visitors from different countries to enter. Chinese, Russians, Indians and Saudis are the most listed in the Emirate.
It is essentially these attributes of Dubai that increase its tourism rate.