Travelling in 2021: which passes are allowed?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling in 2021 is quite painful. Nevertheless, having a standard pass makes it easier and allows you to access free countries. However, not all passports are allowed. It is essential to know which ones are accepted in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The Japanese and Singapore passports

To the delight of the Japanese, their pass allows them access to around 191 countries without any constraints. It is the largest pass in the world. It is ranked 1st by the world passport classification society. The possession of this permit is therefore a privilege for anyone who carries it. Especially since 191 destinations are waiting to be visited by this person. The same privileges apply to holders of the Singapore permit. The only difference is that the Japanese will visit one more regions than the Singaporean.

The pass for nationals of Germany, South Korea and Finland

With a German, Korean or Finnish passport, you have the ability to visit 189, 189 and 188 different regions/nations respectively. Thus, the only constraint that could delay travellers in this case is access to the relevant passports. With the possibility of accessing so many countries, it would be wise to take any steps to design your German, Korean or Finnish passport. It should be added that someone with the Finnish pass has the same advantages as a national of Luxembourg, Italy and Spain.

The French Permit

Ranked sixth (6ᵉ) in the classification by <>, the French permit allows travel to 186 different destinations. Despite its position in the classification, the French permit guarantees wide access to anyone who uses it.
In addition to these countries' passes, there are also passes from Switzerland, Hungary, Canada, Greece, Australia and many other countries.
It is important to remember that despite the restrictions, there is a variety of passes allowed in 2021 depending on the country from which you come. These passports are classified from the most privileged to the least powerful according to the official classification.